Discovering and Optimizing Natural Cures

The overall objective of the Medicinal Research Institute is to facilitate the transition of alternative medicine to modern medicine via disciplined, systematic scientific research of medicinal herbs and their use as medication. The standardization of alternative medicines involves both detailed chemical profiling as well as quality control research. These studies will help define usage, dose, and purity of alternative medicines currently used by the public and/or within the scientific community. Through multidisciplinary approaches, the institute will make every effort to understand and exploit the molecular effects of medicinal herbs, as to optimize potential therapeutic agents targeting cancer, diabetes, neurodegeneration, infectious, inflammatory and childhood diseases. The Institute will contribute tangible results from bench top to clinical trials, studying the effects of alternative medicine-based natural products in order to improve human health, wellness and to lessen or eliminate the suffering from diseases. The Institute will establish and maintain collaborations between the medical and scientific communities as well as government agencies.